Statement ´La Tulpa Baronessa Charlotte Marie

 My unique personal origins and history, with inherited habits, patterns and family wisdom have shaped me.

A healthy connection with origin and family history, creates who you are makes you stand deeply rooted in your own life. 

Our unique roots provide us support, nourishment and the ability to grow and flourish. This determines how we connect with our environment. 

When people grow and enter into lasting relationships, they lay new foundations for growth, further development and new life.

The national flower of the Netherlands – the Tulip – is rooted in the earth. It grows and blooms with light and nutrition. Each tulip has the characteristics, color patterns and history of the varieties that preceded it. When tulips bloom, 'clisters' (offshoot bulbs) grow on the side of the mother bulb. These bulbs grow into new tulip flowers with identical genetic characteristics and patterns as the mother flower.

Everything is passed on from mother to child tulip.

However when cross-pollination occurs between different tulip species, the seeds formed in the tulip flower carry the characteristics of both parent plants.

Charlotte Theodorine Marie Alexandrine Baroness van Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel was married to Frederik Carel Theodoor van Isendoorn á Blois, the last lord of the castle from this family. They remained childless. The lineage of Isendoorn á Blois died.

However, Charlotte's diaries, in essence 'clisters' that developed and grew from the side, contain carefully documented information about the Cannenburch´s inventory and surrounding estate, thanks to her wisdom. The documents she meticulously compiled have ensured that the history of Charlotte and the family of Isendoorn á Blois has not been lost.
The Baroness, a devout Catholic, remained loyal to her husband and requested tob e interred in his  crypte at the General Cemetery., 

However, tragically, she was buried in the Roman Catholic cemetery - a mistake? The error is compounded by her third name - Marie - being missing from her grave monument.

I therefore create a tribute to 'La Tulpa Baronessa Charlotte Marie', the baroness from Oldeneel to Oldenzeel, who had the vision and wisdom to develop and document the contents and beauty of her home and estate.

Her dedication to her practice to methodically and carefully recording everything in her shared home with the Baron illustrates the important role women continue to play in preserving and passing on family heritage, history and culture.